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Lightweights Place Third at Princeton Chase

Lightweights Place Third at Princeton Chase

PRINCETON, N.J. – Yale's lightweight rowers had their final opportunity to race the league at the Princeton 3-Mile Chase on Sunday. Four eights represented Yale in the morning races, followed by four fours in the afternoon.

Starting order at the Chase is determined by the previous year's finish order, so the Yale A crew started third and wound up in the same spot, finishing behind only Cornell and Penn in the field of thirty-four entries.

Yale B had one of the highlight performances of the day, finishing 6th overall and top of all B crews in the event. Yale C placed seventeenth overall. Yale D lost a skeg at the start, had it repaired, and was graciously allowed to race in the freshman eight event.

In the afternoon, Yale put forth four fours for another trip down the course, and when the final times were calculated, Yale placed three fours in the top ten — matched only by the Naval Academy — and the D four finished 12th.

Y150 Alumni Head Coach of Lightweight Rowing Andy Card said. "There's always something to learn and earn on Lake Carnegie. Now that the race is over, we can get back to making progress towards the spring. The weather was terrific, and all boats returned intact to the shed. As always the key is to separate the signal from the noise."

Yale has until November 30th to row before going indoors for the winter training period. The team begins its spring season campaign against Navy on April 1.

Full results for the Princeton Chase can be found here.

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity