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No. 2 Bulldogs Fall to No. 3 Rochester

Kah Wah Cheong. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)
Kah Wah Cheong. (photo by Sam Rubin '95, Yale Sports Publicity)

NEW HAVEN, Conn.—The No. 2 ranked Yale men's squash team fell to No. 3 Rochester 8-1 on Tuesday in its match in the Brady Squash Center in Payne Whitney Gymnasium.

The competition brought back memories of the 2015-16 season, as the last time Yale saw Rochester was during the finals of the Collegiate Squash Championships. A large crowd came out to cheer on the Bulldogs in their hard-fought rematch.

Though the Rochester Yellowjackets exhibited a strong performance, Yale competed with more vigor than was indicated by the results, as two of their losses were five-game shutdowns. Additionally, No. 9 freshman Calvin McCafferty and No. 10 sophomore Yohan Pandole both contributed solid wins for Yale.

The Bulldogs' loss does not hinder their progress towards a repeat National Championship. In last year's season, the team faced a similar loss against Rochester and used that setback to fuel their season to its culmination; the Yale men cinched the National title in a 5-4 win against the Yellowjackets.

The Yale men have many more chances to hone in their skills on the court, with 11 matches left in the regular season. Yale's next match against No. 10 Cornell takes place on Saturday, Jan. 14, in Ithaca, New York at 12 p.m. The team looks to gain a 2-0 standing in the Ivy League.


Report by Kate Flanders '18, Yale Sports Publicity




  1. Kobayashi def. Lovejoy (Y) – (3-1)
  2. Yanez def. Dembinski (Y) – (3-2)
  3. Endo def. Cheong (Y) – (3-1)
  4. Lopez def. McClintock (Y) – (3-1)
  5. Toth def. Martin (Y) – (2-0) RE
  6. Fazelimanesh def. Kingshott (Y) – (3-2)
  7. Kuhn def. Kochhar (Y) – (3-1)
  8. Bertocchi def. Broadwater (Y) – (3-1)
  9. McCafferty (Y) def. Pitfield – (3-2)