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Bulldogs Set For Ivy League Championship (UPDATED WITH FINAL TIME CHANGES]

Donna Knight photo
Donna Knight photo

Three Yale Crews Seeded First, Including Undefeated Second Varsity Eight

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – It's been a very successful spring season so far for the Yale women's crew. Senior Kate O'Brien, though, understands that past results don't mean much in the postseason.

"Six boat racing is completely different from dual racing," said the Yale captain. "Anything can really happen in those races."

So the Bulldogs will be ready for anything, including potential tricky weather conditions, when they head to Cherry Hill, New Jersey, for the Ivy League Championship on Sunday on the Cooper River. The morning heats are scheduled to begin at 8 a.m., and BECAUSE OF THE FORECAST OF HIGH WINDS, THE FINALS NOW KICK OFF AT NOON. The Ivy League Digital Network has video of all the action.

Yale enters as the top seed in the second varsity eight, varsity four and second varsity four. The Bulldogs varsity eight is seeded third and the third varsity eight is the No. 2 seed.

The Ivy League title and the league's automatic bid to the NCAA Championship goes to the winner of the varsity eight grand final. Yale, in good position for an at-large bid to the NCAA's if necessary again this spring, last won the Ivy crown in 2010. There also is a team trophy presented for the best performance across all boats.

The varsity eight final figures to go down to the wire. Princeton is the top seed, while Brown is No. 2. During the regular season, Yale lost by just over one second to Princeton and a little over 2.5 seconds to Brown.

"We are looking forward to the Ivy championship," said Will Porter, The Friends of YWC Head Coach of the Bulldogs. "We have raced everyone in the regular season so we know who everyone is. We know what the standard is. It is up to us to race it up."

The varsity eight, racing out of lane four, is in the second morning heat at 8:15 a.m. facing Penn, Brown and Dartmouth. The top three advance to the final, which is the last event of the day at 2:15 p.m.

Yale's undefeated second varsity eight is in lane three of the first heat at 8:30 a.m. against Penn, Harvard-Radcliffe and Dartmouth. The final is at 1:45 p.m.

The varsity four races Harvard-Radcliffe, Columbia and Dartmouth out of lane three at 9 a.m. The final is at 1:15 p.m.

The second varsity four, in lane three, has Columbia, Princeton and Dartmouth in its heat at 9:30 a.m. The final is at 12:45 p.m.

There are no heats in the third varsity eight. The final is the first of the afternoon session at noon, and Yale will be in lane three.

The Bulldogs haven't competed since winning the Nat & Anne Case Cup from Brown on Apr. 29.

"Over the past few weeks, each boat has been trying to find extra seconds of speed," O'Brien said. "The key to being successful this weekend will be executing the race that I know we are capable of. We have learned that the Ivy League is a fast conference so every boat will face tough competition."


Varsity Eight:                                                                                                                 

Bow – Amy Warner (Jr., East London, South Africa)
2 – Julia Sesler (Jr., Bronxville, New York)
3 – Kate O'Brien (Sr., Clare, Ireland)
4 – Alison Nordell (Jr., Gates Mills, Ohio)
5 – Ella von der Schulenburg (Fr., Zurich, Switzerland)
6 – Daisy Mazzio-Manson (Fr., Wellesley, Massachusetts)
7 – Marybeth Swords (Jr., Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Stroke – Lily Lindsay (Jr., Harrison, New York)
Coxswain – Sara Lee (Sr., Charlotte, North Carolina)         

Second Varsity Eight:

Bow – Sophie Deans (Jr., Sydney Australia)
2 – Victoire Lienau (So., Paris, France)
3 – Olivia Maclean (Sr., Harvard, Massachusetts)
4 – Arwen Neski (So., Ashley Falls, Massachusetts)
5 – Margaret Saunders (Fr., Arlington, Virginia)
6 – Meg Galloway (Jr., Ridgefield, Connecticut)
7 – Schuyler Ritchie (London, England)
Stroke – Lydia Keating (Sr., Brookline, Massachusetts)
Coxswain – Jessica Michaels (Jr., Bangkok, Thailand)

Varsity Four:

Bow - Alexia Rojas (Fr., Tampa, Florida)
2 - Kate Flanders (Jr., Sarasota, Florida)
3 - Sera Bulbul (So., Geneva, Switzerland)
Stroke - Kate Horvat (Jr., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Coxswain – Anisa Iqbal (So., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)              

Second Varsity Four:

Bow - Emily Patton (Sr., Guilford, Connecticut)
2 - Elizabeth Duserick (Fr., Arlington, Massachusetts.)
3 - Margaux Paradis (Fr., San Francisco, California)
Stroke - Sara Locke (Sr., Chertsey, United Kingdom)
Coxswain – Izzy Detherage (Fr., Zionsville, Indiana)        

Third Varsity Eight:

Bow – Anna Heckler (Jr., Colts Neck, New Jersey)
2 - Adoracion Guzman (Fr., Sevilla, Spain)
3 – Hannah Smith (Fr., Long Beach, California)
4 – Lane Unsworth (So., San Francisco, California)
5 – Claire Grundig (Fr., San Carlos, California)
6 – Casey Wizner (Sr., Grosse Pointe, Michigan)
7 – Hannah Knight (So., Weston, Massachusetts)
Stroke – Katie Gleason (Fr., Sudbury, Massachusetts)
Coxswain – Hannah Malzahn (So., Edmond, Oklahoma           

Report filed by Tim Bennett (, Yale Sports Publicity