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Johnson Field

70 Central Avenue, New Haven, CT 06515

Directions to Johnson Field

Johnson Field opened as the new home of Yale Field Hockey in the spring of 2001. The 750-seat synthetic turf complex sits adjacent to DeWitt Family Field, the home of Yale Softball. Stadium seating for Johnson Field is along the east side of the complex. Entrance to the bleacher stadium is up a concourse walkway behind the seats with bridge access to the bleachers from the top level preventing interference with spectators in their seats viewing a contest. A press box with camera access above sits at midfield overlooking the field. On the opposite, or west, side of the field there is a berm lined with trees where spectators can sit on the grass and watch the game.

The Astroturf field, which is royal blue, is 240' x 390' and was installed in the summer of 2013.

 The field is lighted for night play with a sports lighting system capable of providing a minimum of 50 foot-candles over the entire playing field. The sport lighting system provides for glare and spill control thereby only lighting the playing field and not the surrounding areas.

Johnson Field also served as the home of Yale Women's Lacrosse from 2000 through 2008.

To see a schedule of events on Johnson Field, click here

photo by John Huard, Northeast Turf