No. 2 Bulldogs Win Captain Hurst Trophy, Second at Team Race

No. 2 Bulldogs Win Captain Hurst Trophy, Second at Team Race

NEW HAVEN, Conn. – The Yale coed sailing team just came off a successful weekend, winning the major interconference and getting second at the two team race regattas held in Boston. With temperatures still warm, weather patterns kept New England from experiencing much wind until late Sunday afternoon, when much of the racing took place.


The Bulldogs dominated at the Captain Hurst Trophy at Dartmouth, winning by thirty nine points overall to beat the home team. Winning C division was junior-senior pair Caroline Colwell and Nick Hernandez. Senior captain Malcolm Lamphere and first-year Sonia Lingos-Utley sailed away with a B division win by fifteen points. Junior Nic Baird and sophomore Graceann Nicolosi were fourth in A division, just one point behind third place. Lingos-Utley recounts the event: "It was super shifty, but the pressure was usually obvious. We did a great job getting off the line and onto the lifted tack right away."


At the two team race regattas in Boston, a young team of first years skipper Shawn Harvey, and crews Nicholas Marwell, Becca Rose and Emery Wallace sailed under the leadership of sophomore skippers Dylan DiMarchi and Chrissie Klingler and senior crew KB Knapp. They finished second at each regatta, losing to BC the first day and Roger Williams the second day. 


It was a good regatta weekend for the Bulldogs. With fall break coming up, the team will look to buckle down on practice as the season nears the end and the Singlehanded national championship approaches.


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Report filed by Nic Baird '19, Yale Sports Publicity