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Yale Baseball Recruiting Information

If you are interested in playing baseball for Yale, please click here to fill out our on-line recruiting form or e-mail Associate Head Coach Tucker Frawley at with a copy of your high school transcript (including test scores) and a link to video of you playing.



Greetings from the Yale Baseball office! The purpose of this link is to provide prospective student-athletes with some helpful advice regarding our recruiting efforts. We understand that the college search is, at times, an unfamiliar process for high school student-athletes and the following information will attempt to answer many of the questions you and your family may have concerning the Yale Baseball program. If, after reading this information, you still have questions regarding our recruiting efforts, please don't hesitate to contact the baseball office at 203-432-1466 or via email at We wish you the best of luck in your college search!

When should I express my interest in the Yale Baseball Program?
It is never too early to express any interest you may have in the Yale baseball program. If and when you decide to explore the athletic and academic opportunities offered at Yale University, please send us any information you may have regarding your academic and athletic credentials. On an academic level, unofficial transcripts, standardized test scores, extracurricular activities, and any other scholastic achievements you may have garnered while in high school are helpful in determining whether you are a candidate for our program. The same applies regarding your baseball background. High school and summer ball statistics, awards, coaching references, and summer schedules are just some forms of information that help us evaluate each and every baseball recruit. Recruits should try to get this information to the baseball office before the start of their summer seasons.

How and where do the Yale Baseball coaches recruit student-athletes?
Like all Ivy League baseball programs, Yale recruits on a national level. Over the course of the summer, our coaching staff will attend a number of showcases, clinics, and tournaments in all areas of the country. Headfirst Honor Roll Camps, Selectfest showcases, Perfect Game showcases/tournaments, and a variety of university camps are just some of the showcase events that we attend each year.

Does Yale hold a recruiting showcase?
Each and every summer, the Yale Baseball program runs a showcase event. Like most recruiting events, participants will be showcased, evaluated, and instructed by a handful of coaches representing some of the finest colleges on the east coast. Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Georgetown, Wesleyan, and Franklin and Marshall are just some of the schools in attendance each and every year. The camp also allows participants to explore the scholastic opportunities offered at Yale University, as campus tours and information sessions are available for recruits and their families. More information on this event can be found at

Besides showcase events, are there any other recruiting tools I can utilize?
Attending these showcase events takes a large commitment from recruits and their families- especially on a financial level. It is important to know that there are other avenues recruits can explore in the hopes of grabbing the attention of a college coaching staff. In our opinion the best form of recruiting, besides in-person evaluation is film. Any form of video that showcases your abilities on the baseball field will help our staff in the evaluation process. For pitchers, we recommend a video or DVD showcasing your full arsenal of pitches. The ideal camera angle would be behind the pitcher/ facing the catcher as it allows us to see the movement on your pitches. For hitters, game footage and live at-bats are ideal. If this form of film is unavailable, the best alternative would be a brief batting practice session. Position players should also try to include some defensive footage at their primary position(s). These tapes are a great recruiting tool for prospective baseball players, and needn't be professionally done to catch the interest of a college coach.

What is the communication process between the Yale coaching staff and recruits?
Much of the communication between our coaching staff and recruits is dictated by NCAA guidelines. We are not able to actively call recruits until the July 1st following their junior year of high school. That is not to say, however, that recruits are restricted from calling the baseball office prior to that date. Recruits of all ages are welcome to call the baseball office with any questions they may have, but our staff is not allowed to call them back until the July 1st date has passed. Another great means of communication is the unofficial visit. Many times, recruits will travel to Yale's campus on their own or with their families to explore the campus, to attend an information session, and to personally meet with the coaching staff. It's a great opportunity to experience first-hand life at Yale, and offers recruits a chance to meet with the coaching staff face-to-face. Unofficial visits can be made at any time, and are fully funded by the recruit and his family.

We hope this link provides a clearer picture of the recruiting process at Yale University. Again, if you have any questions that remain unanswered please don't hesitate to contact the baseball office at (203) 432-1467 or via e-mail at Best of luck this coming year, and keep working hard on the field and in the classroom.

Go Bulldogs!