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Yale, Columbia, Penn Compete for Dodge Cup

Yale, Columbia, Penn Compete for Dodge Cup

LEONIA, N.J. — With warm air, sunny skies and a shift from a gentle tailwind to headwind over the course of the morning,  the Yale lightweights sought to defend the Marcellus Hartley Dodge Cup against league rivals University of Pennsylvania and Columbia. Penn (1-3) had opened their Ivy season only a week earlier, dropping their first Cup race to Harvard and Cornell, while Columbia (3-1) had triumphed over Navy and had split a Sunday race the next day, beating Georgetown but losing to Harvard. The Lions had opened a week earlier with a victory over Princeton.

The 4V started the day off well for the Bulldogs, as they led from pillar-to-post with a strong effort in the tailwind conditions that started the day.

The 3V race was a solid EARC effort, as Yale slowly pushed out to nearly a length lead over Columbia, who refused to let the Bulldogs break clear throughout the race and were a real threat to move back into the Eli shell in the second half of the course. Yale were able to hold onto their lead, however, responding to every challenge that Columbia presented, and took about a 1-length victory.

The 2V race played out similarly to the varsity, with all three crews level out of the stake boats, and out of that tight pack emerged Columbia with positive base speed, then Penn, with Yale unable to find the gear it needed to stay with the leaders. Though Penn was only down 5 seats or so at the 1000, Columbia proved the stronger crew on the day, sealing up the 2V race with a very fast 2nd 1000 to push them to the fastest time of the day, heavyweight or lightweight.

Though all crews had strong starts, it was the Yale 1V who first pushed their bow out front, and kept it out front, but Columbia stayed close and then had a strong middle 1000 to take control of the race. The final 500 was all Columbia as the margins stretched out, and the Dodge Cup was back in Morningside Heights for the first time since 2015. 

Next weekend, Yale heads north to Hanover, N.H. to contest the Loyal Durand Cup against Dartmouth. 

Results can be found here. 

Report filed by Yale Sports Publicity