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Yale Sweep Big Green

Yale Sweep Big Green
HANOVER, N. H. — Under brisk blue skies and flat water, the Elis crossed the finish line first in all three Durand Cup races today on the Connecticut River. The win in the varsity race was the 6th consecutive Yale win, dating back to 2013.
The morning started with the third varsity eight event, with Dartmouth graciously allowing Yale's 4th eight to compete as well. Yale's 3rd eight finished first in a time of 5:44.96; Yale's 4V second in 5:50.35, with Dartmouth finishing in 6:00.23.
The second varsity eights were next. Yale finished in a time of 5:46.00; Dartmouth in 5:53.03. The gentle tailwind that began the regatta changed variably throughout the morning, and became a head wind for some of the subsequent races.
The final event of the morning were the first varsity eights competing for the Loyal Durand III Cup. The Cup was dedicated in Loyal Durand's honor by his Yale lightweight oarsmen, with the inaugural race in 1958. As they did in the first race, Yale crossed the line ahead in a time of 5:35.11 to Dartmouth's 5:47.67. The solid outing for the Bulldogs means the Cup goes back to Derby where it will stay until the two teams meet once more on the Housatonic in 2019. 
Next weekend, the Elis will host their only home race of the season against Harvard and Princeton. 
Full results can be found here
VARSITY EIGHT: (cox) D. Moore, (stroke) W. Harrington, (7) G. Skelly, (6) K. Koste, (5) B. O'Donnell, (4) J. Goode, (3) G. Boyd-Goodrich, (2) N. Parks, (bow) J. Ash
2nd VARSITY EIGHT: (cox) R. Colgate, (stroke) D. Saldarriaga, (7) M. Jones, (6) J. Young, (5) M. Matejka, (4) E. Elftmann, (3) N. Matthes, (2) R. O'Mahony, (bow) P. Krivokapic
3rd VARSITY EIGHT: (cox) G. Seo, (stroke) N. Sauder, (7) S. Sharp, (6) O. Chang, (5) A. Bosgang, (4) J. Odegard, (3) T. Von Warburg, (2) J. Matei, (bow) R. Guy
4th VARSITY EIGHT: (cox) H. Gebrewahed, (stroke) C. Markert, (7) A. Wong-Valle, (6) J. Barile, (5) S. Kasper, (4) W. Langhorne, (3) M. Li, (2) J. Linfield, (bow) S. Aslaner
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