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Yale Wins Vogel Cup at HYP

Yale Wins Vogel Cup at HYP
PRINCETON, N.J. — The Yale Lightweights were the dominant rowing squad on Lake Carnegie today, winning the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th varsity events outright, and coming within 0.2 seconds of sweeping the eights races in a thrilling but ultimately heartbreaking varsity race. Yale defeated Harvard in all four events. 
The combined efforts of the Yale eights tallied 35 winning points for the Eli, with Princeton in second with 31 to Harvard's 26. Named for long-time Yale oarsman and coach David Vogel '71, all five events count for points towards the total. 
The racing was conclusive in Yale's favor in the lower eights races, with margins ranging from 11 seconds in the 3V to 2.6 seconds in the junior varsity. 
In the varsity event, it was Yale who once again took the lead, but after the 1000 it appeared that Princeton emerged from some strong gusts to seize the momentum in the headwind, chipping away at Yale's lead throughout the second 1000. From there the crews were locked together bowball to bowball until there were less than 150 meters left in the race, when Princeton maintained the momentum to take the race by a few feet. Though disappointing to the many Yale fans who attended the regatta, the second-place finish was enough to secure the Vogel Cup for the Eli.
The HYP regatta ends the regular season for Yale, a particularly winning one for the program. Combined, Yale's four eights have a 15-3 record. Last week, the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th boats were all ranked No. 1 in the EARC, although the final voting for Sprints seeding is yet to come.
The Yale Lightweights now prepare for the EARC Eastern Sprints Championship Regatta on May 19th in Worcester, Mass., where they will race for top finishes as individual crews and as a program. This will be the conclusion of Yale's full-team racing for the 2019 spring season.
Vogel Cup Results
Yale: 35 Points 
Princeton: 31 Points
Harvard: 26 Points
5th Varsity Four:
Harvard A: 7:05.7
Yale: 7:19.4
Harvard B: 7:21.2
4th Varsity Eight: 
Yale: 6:02.2
Harvard: 6:06.3
Princeton: 6:28.5
3rd Varsity Eight:
Yale: 6:22.2
Harvard: 6:33.1
Princeton: 6:33.9
2nd Varsity Eight:
Yale: 6:02.1
Princeton: 6:04.7
Harvard: 6:06.6
Varsity Eight:
Princeton: 5:58.0
Yale: 5:58.2
Harvard: 6:11.1