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Bulldogs Honored at Awards Banquet

Foilists and Assistant Coach Haibin Wang
Foilists and Assistant Coach Haibin Wang

At the awards banquet, joined by alumni, staff, and their teammates, seven fencers were honored for their contributions both on and off the strip. 

Several awards are set aside specifically for athletes who take on leadership roles on the team. In appreciation of their hard work and good attitudes as managers of their respective teams Walter Musgrave and Sarah Pak received the Stephen Blum Award and the Corey Friedlander Award, respectively. Avery Vella was also recognized for his dedication to the team and unfailing positivity, when he received the "Pop" Grasson Cup for in recognition of all that he had done as captain of the men's team. Women's captain Ilana Kamber, appreciated by her teammates for her determination to make every practice count, was presented with the Sherry Marcy Award for her time as captain.

Other awards are set aside for extraordinary fencers from each class. After being given the opportunity to vote anonymously, the team chose four remarkable athletes who have given so much to the team.

First-year Camille Pham received the Kristaps Keggi Award for her highly successful first season on the team.

Captain-elect Isaac Shelanski was recognized for his time fencing for Yale with the Coach Harutunian Award for Best Sophomore.

Receiving the Coach Harutunian Award for Best Junior was Jonathan Xu, whose hard work this season was appreciated by all.

Ilana Kamber's four years of success and sportsmanship were recognized with the Everett M. Wetchler Memorial Award.

The last award given at the banquet was the Most Valuable Fencer Award. After his success at the NCAA Championships and years of supporting his teammates, Isaac Shelanski received this honor.

Once the awards had been presented, the seniors toasted their time on the team, thanking the friends they had made and recalling fond memories, to which Coach Harutunian responded with moving toasts of his own, bidding farewell to each of the graduating fencers.