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Bulldogs Boast Strong Results at Regionals

Photo by Dom Clark
Photo by Dom Clark

POUGHKEEPSIE, NY - At the NCAA Northeast Regionals, the Bulldogs finished the day with several outstanding performances, which should put many fencers in a strong enough position to qualify for Nationals.

In regionals, fencers compete in three rounds of pools, with cuts after each round. Only the top twelve (approximately a third of the competitors) make it to the third round. It is a grueling, hours-long test of fencing ability as well as endurance. Most athletes fence two to three times as many bouts at regionals as they do at ordinary season tournaments.

The top finishing Bulldog of the day was senior sabreur Walter Musgrave, who finished third in his event after winning seven of his eleven bouts in the final pool. Three of his losses in that round were narrow 5-4 defeats and the majority of his wins had at least a three touch margin of victory. This is his best performance at regionals since he joined the team three years ago.

Also competing in saber, were first years Kevin Callahan and Andrew Zhang. Callahan was one touch away from making the final competitive pool and finished thirteenth in the region, with Zhang behind him in twentieth place.

In foil, all three Bulldogs made the final pool. Sophomore Cameron Allen won the majority of his bouts in order to secure fifth place, matching his performance from last year. First years Daniel Li and Earnest Chen both made the most of their first appearance at regionals, finishing ninth and twelfth, respectively.

Four epeeists represented Yale and performed admirably. Three Bulldogs, Safi Haider, Isaac Shelanski, and Jonathan Xu, took up a quarter of the spots in the final pool, and finished back-to-back. Haider finished sixth, Xu finished seventh, three spots higher than last year, and Shelanski finished eighth.

While an official list of fencers going to Nationals has not yet been released, many Bulldogs are in a strong position to do so.

Final results can be found here.