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Bulldogs Clinch Third Win in a Row

Bulldogs Clinch Third Win in a Row

The Bulldogs exhibited a dominant performance this weekend at the Dellenbaugh Women's Trophy, winning both A and B division and securing first by an almost 70 point margin. Turbulent wind conditions and last minute pairing changes were no match for the Bulldogs, who finished 26 out of the 28 races in the top 10 and garnered eight bullets combined across both divisions.


The sailors enjoyed what junior skipper Chrissie Klingler called "some the best conditions [she's] ever had in college sailing," with a southerly breeze that built from from 6 to 16 knots over the course of the day. 10 races were sailed in each division, with A sailing FJs and B sailing Z420s. Sunday, on the other hand, began with blustering winds of 20 - 30 knots and huge swells, leading to the race committee's decision to only use the slightly more stable Z40s for the remainder of the day. After 2 races in each division the regatta was placed in postponement ashore, which gave the Bulldogs the necessary time to refuel and mentally prepare themselves for the rest of the grueling day. Once the breeze had slightly calmed to a steady 15 - 18 knots the sailors commenced racing, completing 2 more races in each division in winds that shifted west and slowly died to 6 - 8 knots.


Junior skipper Louisa Nordstrom, placed 1st in A division with 61 points, 5 points ahead of 2nd place Boston University. Nordstrom sailed all of Saturday with first-year crew Helena Ware, who usually sails coed events but was "extremely excited" to sail at a women's regatta. On Sunday Nordstrom sailed with sophmore Katie Clulo, who has proven to be a force to be reckoned with when the breeze picks up. Nordstrom's usual crew, Claudia Loiaconowas switched to sail the coed Marchiando event over the weekend as a heavy crew. Cate Mollerus, another staple for the Bulldogs at women's regattas, is recovering from a concussion and was unable to compete this weekend. The Bulldogs finished in the top five in 10 of their 14 A-division races. 


Junior skipper Chrissie Klingler and senior crew Kira Woods placed 1st in B division with a shockingly low 53 points, beating 2nd place Harvard by an 18 point margin. The pair finished every race but one in the top six, securing the first place lead after race four and comfortably holding onto it for the entirety of the regatta. Klingler attributes the duo's success in the regatta, which she acknowledges is "one of her better performances" in her commendable college sailing career, to their ability to "work really hard at having good starts and focusing on speed" throughout the variable wind conditions.


This regatta is the third in a row that the Bulldogs have won, a remarkable feat that attests to the hard work and dedication that the sailors and coach Bill Healy bring to the sport.


Final results from the event can be found at


Report filed by Becca Rose '21, Yale Sports Publicity